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Cosplay in Thailand

Super cute girl with glasses

(Cute turquoise and pink girl: (Apparently the slightly crooked teeth she has is considered a super cute beauty feature is Japan! It is kind of cute, isn’t it?)

One interesting Japanese fashion that has caught on amongst young people in Thailand is cosplay. Cosplay is where people dress up like their favorite characters from anime or manga, or just archetypal characters like schoolgirls and cat maids. Siam Paragon recently had a cosplay festival. I was really amazed at all the great costumes and models that were there. It was really a visual feast for photographers!

cute cosplay schoolgirl

beautiful traditional costume

cute cosplayer

cute green haired girl

cool cosplay

wounded samurai!

beautiful girl

takoyaki, costumes and Hello Kitty: pictures from Soi Thaniya

i like this guy's attitude

A few days ago I took some nighttime pictures in Soi Thaniya, a Bangkok street popular with Japanese people and especially Japanese men.

Takoyaki, interrupted:

making takoyaki

Thai people can really sleep anywhere:

wow, thai people can sleep anywhere!

A store for people who like to play dress-up:

funny store!

A man says a small prayer before work:

a man makes offering before starting work

There was an entirely pink store full of Hello Kitty gear (or just “Ki-teeee”, as they call her here in Thailand). The best was this Hello Kitty keyboard:

hello kitty keyboard!

A cute Thai girl with her boyfriend rocks the Japanese gyaru style:

a cute thai girl rocking a japanese gyuaru style and her boyfriend

Does your city have an interesting street where you like taking pictures?


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