Shacho-san, Shacho-san

making takoyaki

“Shacho-san!, shacho-san!” (Mr. Company President!, Mr. Company President!), cry the girls in Soi Thaniya, tugging at the sleeves of Japanese businessmen as they pass by. Of course it’s not true, most of them are not president, says my Japanese teacher, but this imagined rank makes the men feel good and perhaps more likely to favor this girl and her club.

The male teacher demonstrates for us walking with a chest all puffed up with pride.

a fat woman bringing good luck!

(Here is a “Beckoning lady” money charm used by many Thai businesses. It’s the Thai version of the Japanese “mani necko” beckoning money cat. This one is interesting and unusual in that the woman is fat, instead of slim like the traditional version, and also depicted in Chinese dress instead of the Thai sarong, but she still does a good job of conveying the feeling of wanting your money, doesn’t she?)

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