i love globalisation

Thai traditional desserts!

(rose-shaped Thai traditional desserts at local food fair)

I’ll probably think differently once you can’t get a programming job in Canada coz it’s all been outsourced to India, but right now, I love globalisation.

And there is reason number #104 why:

Strangely, all French bakeries in Bangkok are crap (if you have a counter-example to this, I’d love to know about it!). If you want proper French bread, you have to go to a Japanese bakery. According to my friend Yoshi, Japanese people LOVE French things, and they particularly care about getting the true flavor of French-style goods, aka what it’s really supposed to taste like. The two best ones in town are Custard Nakamura in Phrong Pong and De L’Etoile in Paragon.

I was shopping in Paragon grocery store. I had a little De L’Etoile bag in my cart from just buying some bread, when this Japanese woman runs up to me, says “Excuse me! Where did you get that? Is there a store in here?” and points to my bag. I give her directions to the store and say “oh, do you like this store?” and she says “yes, this is a Japanese brand”, and runs off like this was an emergency mission to find good bread at long last (I understand this feeling).

This was pretty much +6000 on the scale of stuff white people like.

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