you make ripples: advice to beginning photographers

I recently stumbled upon Matt Brandon’s fantastic website. He specializes in photography for NGOs and non-profits, and seems especially good at very expressive portraits and capturing people’s expressions and moods.

His entire portfolio is worth a look, and his blog has great advice for photographers just starting out on how to relate to people when you are out photographing and build a rapport with them so they feel at ease and natural:

If you throw a stone into a puddle you will make quite the splash and plenty of ripples. But wait and those ripples subside and everything goes back to normal except, the stone is in the middle of the puddle. Think of yourself as that stone. When you first enter a scene you create quite a stir. The best thing you can do is calmly wait with your camera at your side. Let the ripples subside and eventually people get used to you being around and start to relax and soon you will be allowed to shoot without much changes in the scene around you.

Read the entire article here.

1 Response to “you make ripples: advice to beginning photographers”

  1. 1 Pim (Kelly) August 2, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Ha! Excellent advice… also can apply to a few other life situations outside of photography. : )

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