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Sometimes life just hands you small triumphs. Here are two in my life as a nerdy girl that still today make me smile in memory:

Back when I was a Unix administrator for a university, some guy decided to email all the girls in the system some kind of inane “what’s up, girls?” spam, hoping for what, I have no idea, obviously not counting on anyone with a female name being root, and thereby deleting his account for spamming. HAHAHA, so long, SUCKA!

but this one is even better:

While I was at this uni, I took a first-year math course, with a prof that was a complete autistic asshat with zero social skills and hygiene to match. He might have a been a professor, he might have been a homeless bum who walked off the street, who knows? It was hard to tell. But he taught a discrete mathematics class, a really shitty one. I once raised my hand to answer a question, and he seriously said to me in front of everyone: “Don’t even try, you won’t get it”, gee, thanks.

A few years later, I had gone from his uni, which is ranked in the bottom academically, to Waterloo, which consistently ranks at the top, especially for mathematics, and I was majoring, in guess what? Mathematics. I was dropping in on some seminar on quantuum cryptography, when guess who I run into? Prof. Asshat, trailed by his grad students.

“What are you doing here?”, he said.
“Oh, I go here now”, I said, not hiding my smugness particularly well.
“What are you studying?”, he says.
“Mathematics”, I said, letting that sink in.
“Isn’t this a really top school for math?”, his grad student piped in. It’s not only my self-satisfaction, I think, that made me detect an edge of awe and envy in his voice. He paused, seeming to consider his own situation. It can’t have been great to be stuck with Prof. Asshat as a supervisor.
“It’s decent”, I smiled. “Well, it was nice running into you, Prof. Asshat”, I said, “maybe I’ll see you around here again.”

And I walked away.


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