take that, McGyver

This is pretty much the most BADASS MOFO TO EVER WALK THE EARTH. Next time you need some badass-piration, just think of this dude.

this old Inuit man’s family took away all his tools and weapons to keep him safe from the government. Fuck this, he said. He went outside, pulled down his pants, and shit into his own hands. He waited in the artic cold for the shit to freeze, and then sculpted it into a knife. Using this knife, he killed a dog, saved the meat for eating, and used the ribcage and fur of the dog to make a sled. Then he stole another dog, attached it to the ribcage sled, and rode away into the night, shit knife tucked into his pants.

Holy fuck, that’s badass. From this TED talk on Endangered Cultures:

2 Responses to “take that, McGyver”

  1. 1 Elizabeth July 28, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Fantastic video! Thanks for posting.

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