how to learn Thai the fun and super easy way

Sure, you could study hard and practice everyday, etc, etc, but how boring is that shit? Here’s a way better way to learn Thai:

1) Go to AUA

While I’ve never successfully convinced anyone to attend AUA, I have no idea why, because AUA is simply THE FUNNEST POSSIBLE WAY TO LEARN THAI. Apparently people love practicing dialogues like “where is the pencil? the pencil is on the chair?” because they don’t seem interested in cool AUA lessons like how to gamble, moral dilemnas like “Would you pick up your mobile phone if it fell in the toilet?, superstitions of Issan people, ghost stories, what things used to cost in Thailand 30 years ago (som tam was 1/2b!), how to land a man, and protocols of the gentleman’s club. THESE ARE ALL ACTUAL LESSONS I’VE ATTENDED.

2) Get a Thai friend who likes to tell the same story over and over again and doesn’t speak much English

While in normal life, this character trait is annoying, it’s pure gold for learning Thai. Love stories, either in their beginning or endings are the best, because people always want to say the same stuff over and over. My Thai improved so much from my Thai lesbian friend breaking up with this brooding hot Russian girl!

3) Friends can leave when they’re bored, but Bangkok taxi drivers are stuck with you

Friends will always volunteer to teach you Thai, but that typically last 3 minutes until they get bored. Do you know how long a Bangkok traffic jam can be? HOURS. If you’re in a taxi, that dude is STUCK THERE. Plus, taxi drivers LOVE talking Thai with foreigners, it’s like their big chance to ask you everything they’ve ever wanted to know about you and it passes the time when you’re stuck in traffic.

You can occasionally learn really interesting stuff from them, too, like one time I learned why so many taxis are from Roi Et: Roi Et has nothing else to do but cultivate rice, unlike many other major Issan towns where people can also grow fruit, raise animals, outside the rice planting season so they are in Bangkok longer than other drivers.

4) Watch Thai movies with subtitles

Thai movies are hilarious. You should watch them.

What’s your funnest way to learn Thai?

2 Responses to “how to learn Thai the fun and super easy way”

  1. 1 janet July 23, 2010 at 9:12 am

    I think I’m sold–AUA has been tempting me for years–maybe it’s finally time.

    • 2 julielavoie July 23, 2010 at 9:58 pm

      Hi Janet,

      do it! I seriously recommend it (and I get absolutely nothing out of recommending them apart from increasing the amount of awesome in the world)

      you can even try an hour for free, i think.

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