together we can shop

Bangkok now has some kind of “Together we can” campaign going on, that’s supposed to be about, um, what again?

A month ago the city was on fire/rioting/completely fucked, so I guess it’s supposed to about “together we can recover from this terrible event”, but I’ve yet to see anything else than “together we can shop”: the amount of vapid, frenzied, “let them eat cake” consumeurism — oh sorry, I meant “recovery sales” — happening right now in Bangkok is almost enough to make one feel that it did indeed all deserve to burn down to the ground.

Newspapers report that sales at Siam Paragon went UP to WAY OVER pre-riots levels once it reopened, not for days, but for weeks. I mean, wtf.

Not the Nation, (a parody of the Bangkok newspaper “The Nation”) which I normally don’t read because it’s one of those lame expat sites to trash Western women, still came up with a hilarious take on this:

Central Announces “Let’s Pretend Nothing Ever Happened” Sale:

From now until the end of the month, customers can enjoy storewide savings at all non-burned Central stores throughout greater Bangkok, […]

The sale’s opening ceremony will be presided over by representatives of the BMA, who are encouraging all Bangkok Thais who have money and thus matter to go out and consume as much as possible as an act of patriotism.

In a show of co-operation, “Together We Can,” the slogan adopted by the BMA to spread peace and harmony, has been amended to say “Together We Can Own The Nice Things White People Have And Thus Be Like Them And Not Like Dark-Skinned Thais Who Have And Deserve Nothing.”

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