Rajaprasong: The Aftermath


(Britney Spears in the charred remains of a Siam Square shophouse)

Today I went to look at the aftermath of Siam Square and Central World fires.

Siam Square:

Inside Siam Square, partial streets and row of shops are condemned and behind big construction barriers. Inside the barrier, there’s water everywhere, charred remains of shops and weird beams of light coming in from of the destroyed ceiling. It reminds me of surveying the wreck of the Titanic…artifacts of what was someone’s normal life, abandoned hastily, frozen in time.

Shop front twisted and collapsed:
shop front collapsed

Abandoned boots and other merchandise in charred debris:
left behind pair of boots in siam square shop

Broken heart necklace in the debris:
remains of a necklace

The remains of Mango Tango, where I used to often have mango desserts with my friends:

mango tango

mango tango burned

mango tango

While in other, untouched, parts of Siam Square, life goes on as usual:
funny ads at siam square

Enjoy your privilege:
enjoy your priviledge

Central World:

Further along Rajaprasong, at Central World, the damage is substantial. A huge part of this enormous building has burned down.

central world, destroyed

A bright orange letter from the Zen sign has fallen down amongst the wreckage:

letter from zen logo fallen down in wreckage

Posing as a dumb tourist who doesn’t understand what’s going on and can’t speak any Thai, I slipped inside an opening in the big construction barrier and took pictures until a security guard kicked me out. Interestingly, what he told me was that I couldn’t take pictures, not that I shouldn’t be hanging out next to a bunch of charred ruins.

central world, destroyed

R.I.P Zen Central World
zen world looking pretty wabi-sabi

“[Wabi-sabi acknowledges] three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” –Richard Powell

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