an open letter to CNN, the truth about red shirts

A lot of the coverage of the current situation from international media outlets like CNN and BBC has angered people living in Bangkok. There’s a very big bias in favor of the red shirts fighters, and against the Thai govt, which is painted as a big tyrant that just shot innocent peaceful protesters as their opening gambit.

What they seem to ignore is the very violent deeds of many of these protesters, which has many Bangkok people living in fear. Today’s latest exploits from these “peaceful democracy fighters” include setting fire to an oil truck, and using a baby as a human shield. In the past few days they have been burning down buildings, looting stores, throwing molotovs cocktails and stealing residents’ cars. It’s gone too far, they are not peaceful protesters anymore, but violent criminals. Many nations would have already classified them as terrorists.

Someone wrote a great open letter to CNN criticizing this biased coverage, with links to live videos of violent incidents by protesters.

“the entire timeline of events that have forced the government to take this difficult stance has been hugely and callously ignored in deference to the red ‘underdogs’.”

An Open Letter to CNN International

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