a study of apartment ants

For a while I had many ants in my apartment. To prevent ants in Thailand, you have to be decisive and put down white poison chalk right away, or else they quickly get everywhere. I like ants because they are very smart, so I was reluctant to kill them, but when they started waking me up by walking on me in my bed, that was it.

But before that I would kind of study them and I learned all kinds of things about them:

1) these particular kind of ants LOVE MEAT. If I leave bread lying around they ignore it. Something sweet like fruit or mango peels in the sink will attrack them, but have one tiny crumb of meat drop on the floor and it will be flooded with ants in 10 seconds.
2) Ants are strong. They can carry things up walls. Once they were carrying away a dead baby gecko!
3) Ants can go long distances. I live on the 19th floor. How did ants even come here?
4) I think ants travel faster than my internet connection.

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