bad taste

It forever boggles me how so many Thais seem to have no judgment whatsoever in evaluating foreigners.

A new English school has opened close to here, and I regularly see the teachers out in their uniforms at lunch (they have these polo shirts with the school’s logo on the them). Although many English teachers are decent, hard-working, and respectable (and women, hahaha), this group seems like a bunch of alcoholic whoremongers, pedos and student fuckers if I’ve ever seen one. You can excuse Thais from not always being attuned to all the subtle signs that a Westerner notices about another Westerner, but this group possesses a dubiousness that would be VISIBLE FROM SPACE

There are a lot of these people teaching English in Thailand, and in each case, they sat in front of someone who talked to them, looked at them, and concluded “I would like this person to teach English to children”. THAT PERSON IS INSANE.

Inexplicably, many Thais seem to love these kind of dodgy foreigners above all others. The same local shopkeepers that will give me the evil eye for daring to dash downstairs and quickly pick up an ice coffee in my street in yoga pants (gasp!), will bow and scrape with 10X the respect they’ve ever shown to me for some fat slob wearing a “I LOVE CHEAP HOOKERS” t-shirt and 3 rolls of neck fat.

Is Thailand just so sexist that that dude just gets way more respect just for being male? Or is it something else? I’m not even sure I want to gaze into that particular abyss.

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