game theory for dummies

Today I was walking through Patpong, (Patpong Boots is like the best stocked Boots, BTW) and I saw a Thai prostitute and her foreign customer playing CONNECT FOUR

Connect four! Who goes to a hooker bar thinking “Hmm, I feel kind of lonely/horny/bored, I think I’m gonna get myself a hooker, and maybe rock out some CONNECT FOUR”.

Given how dumb you need to be to think a hooker is your girlfriend, as many of these guys do, the hooker probably wins all the time.

Besides, don’t they know Connect Four is a SOLVED GAME?

The day I walk past Patpong and see John Conway is the day I give up on humankind. Except at least he wouldn’t be playing Connect Four, coz he would know it’s a SOLVED GAME.

2 Responses to “game theory for dummies”

  1. 1 jess March 30, 2010 at 7:26 am

    He would be playing iterated prisoner’s dilemma

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