Bangkok WTF?, special “Thaniya/Silom” edition

Bangkok WTF? (that is “Bangkok, What The Fuck?” for you not of the Internet generation) is back, with a brand new “Red light districts by day” edition:

rigging, Patpong by day

(Patpong, 3pm)

It all started with an innocent ride on the BTS, and then this happened. Western countries have started prosecuting their citizens for sex crimes abroad, but what about fashion crimes?

Horrors of the BTS, fashion crimes edition

The dorky Japanese guy on the left looks ok, but what about the other two? NEW RULE: if you want to wear gladiator sandals, you have to have the body of a gladiator, not the dude who works at the gladiator canteen.

Soi Thaniya is a strange neighborhood very popular with visiting Japanese businessmen. It has 3 main things: creepily technical golf stores, Japanese restaurants, and hookers.

hundreds of golf balls

Notice the little black doll amongst all the golf balls. (Seriously, half the stores had these dolls) They better hide that if Tiger Woods ever comes shopping.

I faked an interest in golf so this store would let me play on their fake course:

Artificial golf

“Could I get this installed in my office?”, I asked.

Another thing you can do in Thaniya is sign up for a “Bangkok Shooting Tour”

bangkok shooting tour

What intrigues me is the photo, which seems to be rocking some kind of Khmer Rouge scarf/communist propaganda vibe.

there's seriously a brothel named after me

Thaniya also has a brothel named after me. Yep, that’s me, “Studio 9”.

Soi Thaniya is strange because it imitates the Tokyo style, where you have tall buildings with almost no storefront, and a different business/thing on each floor, with a big sign in front advertising what is on each floor.

a brothel named after me

Patpong is another very famous red light district that looks very different by day. Dozens of people work to erect the elaborate riggings and wiring that become market stalls at night:

rigging patpong

There’s a big wharehouse where all the scaffolding is kept:

there's a giant wharehouse where all the scaffolding is kept.

Some riggers. Don’t they look like total carnies?



When you’re selling money cats as charms to vendors who hope that buying a money cat will help them sell more of whatever it is they sell, it gets to be a bit meta. (Also, does the money cat vendor himself have a charm? And is it a money cat?)

money cat

And finally, here is some pussy in a Patpong go-go bar:

kitten in a go-go bar

This little kitten was playing in the doorway of a go-go bar. (Sorry for the blurry picture, his cuteness generated its own forcefield)

4 Responses to “Bangkok WTF?, special “Thaniya/Silom” edition”

  1. 1 peteza March 22, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Hahaha, Fantastic post. Love the Patpong Pussy!

  2. 3 Jody April 1, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I should do a post about money cats. As you’ve probably seen, they’re really common in Japan too but they’re a different style than the ones you find here (which I think are Chinese-style.) The Japanese name is maneki neko or “beckoning cat”, and there’s a cool story about their origin…

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