what big eyes you have

At my neighborhood bank, all the tellers sit on fuzzy Hello Kitty cushions. Sometimes big crates of money are next to them, inch-deep stacks of 1000B bills casually just thrown into plastic boxes.

It reminded me of something I read, how in the first waves of the popularisation of cocaine in America, drug dealers in Miami (the port of arrival for the drug from Columbia and South America) would bring trolleys of cash to the bank to deposit. “What I remember about cash in those quantities”, one dealer said, “was how boring it was to count it all.”

Once I went to change some coins for bills, and they refused to do it. Stubbornly, I just sat there and waited for a teller, who then took my coins and changed them without even counting them.

Today the teller was looking at my passport picture. Gesturing towards it, she said: “Wow, you have really big eyes”. “A lot of people say that”, I said. “REALLY big”, she said.

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