do they know it’s christmas?

I got this puzzling holiday card in the mail from the property developer for this condo building. Here is the text on the front:

Aspiring to City Living
A life in purposeful motion. Tender emotions. Modern yet timeless. A world bursting with color. Simplicity. Travel hub. Relaxation. Fun. Urban living. A life of quiet and serenity.

That’s Asia for you. We might suck at human rights, but we’re #1 when it comes to vague, meaningless sentiments.

What’s up with “Aspiring to City Living”? I already live in a city of 10 million + people, I’m not aspiring to anything.

Maybe they mean the migrant workers who built this 20-story condo building, most of which come from villages with no buildings taller than a 2-story Chinese shophouse, who lived on this construction site with their tiny lean-tos and tin shacks until the project was finished.

My favorite is “travel hub”.

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