not quite there yet

A young Thai labor activist was telling me about an inspiring group of factory workers who decided to cut out the middle-man, form their own factory, and take commissions from customers directly. Their factory had shut its doors without giving them their firing benefits (under Thai law if you let someone go, you have to give them a certain number of month’s salary as a letting go benefit) and they protested in a large group at the Thai government. During this protest they started talking and dreaming about having their own factory, where they could work with more dignity. All and all, a pretty inspiring story for here, the land of the sweatshop.

The young activist was helping them by designing brochures and a web site for them to help them get customers. It seems rare that people here concern themselves with people outside their own social class (really, outside their own family) so i was impressed that he was doing this kind of work. I want to know more. “I’m hungry, I’m going to grab some Indian food, do you want to join me?”, I asked.

“No thanks. I don’t like Indian people.”


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