khun baan deocan, the video

Here’s the video for Pai Pongsatorn’s Khun Baan Deocan:

For those unfamiliar with Issan (and not sick of hearing about it already from this blog :-), here are some details from the video:

* The food you see the singer making in the beginning is Issan food: stuff like laap, som tam (papaya salad), weird stuff like fermented crab. I think the point of the video is that the singer opens an Issan restaurant, and all these “real” Issan people go eat there, and then it’s delicious, so the singer is *really* Issan, or something like that. (Thais, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.)
* Notice the deliberate “country” styling, in normal Thai videos, they make people look as rich as possible.
* The people you see eating in the restaurant are all wearing uniforms of jobs that Issan people working in Bangkok would have: taxi drivers, construction workers, food sellers, security guards.
* The singer is WAY darker skinned than anyone you’d ever see in a Thai pop video.

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