heaven and hell, sawan/narok

I feel like I am in heaven and in hell here.

The tiniest task: buying a bicycle, getting proper internet access is completely impossible, an ordeal that takes days if not weeks. People are unfamiliar with the principles of basic capitalism. (Sorry, “why do you care about the price? you’re a foreigner and you have lots of money” is not a convincing argument for me to give you any of it). In a way, Bangkok people were right: the province is a shitty backwater hellhole where everyone is drunk, stupid and lazy.

Then I ride my rental bicycle (coz you know, it’s impossible to buy one, apparently) out into the countryside and the beauty of it just takes my breath away. The air is so clean, the Mekong just flowing by, the strident and vivid green of young rice in the paddy, fishermen in their boats casting their nets in the early evening, everyone at the evening market buying food to bring back home. When I bike through a small village, I feel like a superstar — everyone is astonished to see me, everyone says hello, everyone waves as I walk by. The beautiful Brahman cows being herded home, roosters run around in the dusty road, the small furtive cats in the streets at night — the beauty of it all is so astonishing.

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