more wireless woes

My internet saga contains two things that individually really suck and together make me want to die: computer hardware and the forward-planning ability of the average Thai person.

Even in my sysadmin days, I always found buying consumer hardware to be a giant chore, since anyone knowledgeable enough about hardware to help you can always get a better job than working in some shitty computer store. The BEST possible person you can get is a 14-year old kid with a part-time job: those nerdy typically know everything, and only their age keeps them from getting a real job. The WORST possible person is perhaps what I got yesterday, which is a pretty Thai girl working in a computer store, who kept trying to sell me a wireless card when I wanted a wireless repeater, and insisting this is what I needed.

To get the internet in my room, I have to share the costs with the owner of the building, which I’m willing to do because “HAVING THE INTERNET” is kind of a new concept here in Nong Khai, so ok. But our interacton is kind of like this:

Them: “let’s install a new phoneline on the second floor and move the existing modem there”
Me: “well, I think the signal will still probably be pretty weak, I don’t think that will solve the problem”
Them: “well, let’s TRY IT AND SEE” (note this involves having workmen come over and drill holes and install a new phoneline — it’s kind of involved and probably expensive)
Me: “Let’s spend some time thinking about our chances of success before we spend a whole bunch of money”
Them: “Stop bothering us with this “planning” shit. YOU’RE SO ANNOYING”

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