bangkok daily miracles

Bangkok is full of daily miracles. Whenever I go out I always see something interesting:

– if you see a dark-skinned Issan-faced Thai woman in certain places, like Starbucks or Central, she is always there with a farang guy (except for the staff)

– Today at Paragon I saw a farang guy at the ATM machine, count out a bunch of 1000B bills, and hand them to a short Thai girl. He hesitated for a moment, and then handed over an extra 100. The girl looked kind of insulted and returned the 100. (A reluctant tip?)

– Male cats are a lot bigger than female cats. You don’t notice this in Canada, because most male cats are neutered, so they never have the hormones to fully develop, but in Bangkok you see many alley cats and the males are a lot bigger

– At 10 PM, Central closes. All of the employees stream out of the employee exit, like a living river of young people, chattering and excited like birds, like bats flying out in their multitudes at dusk, streaming out in visible relief, freed convicts, everyone so happy with that work-is-over feeling. Inside the exit is lined with row upon row of lockers with paper on them (paychecks? time sheets?) In front of this exit, huge row of food stalls waits for them, that seem to exist solely to serve this stream of Central employees. A bunch of guys in office clothes sit on the sidewalks drinking and smoking, talking to each other excitedly.

* I climb up the steps to the BTS, and there’s a giant forest of high trees reaching up taller than the BTS next to that side of the platform. A lot of big trees are unusual in central Bangkok because everything gets torn down to build shopping malls, and vacant lots have greenery but they don’t stay vacant long enough to get big trees. Was it some kind of embassy garden? I ascend into this jungle canopy in the soft dark night.

1 Response to “bangkok daily miracles”

  1. 1 tewson March 22, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Interesting (about the cats)

    You know that castrated male dogs will get much fatter? It’s true. Those poor (but cute because they’re chubby) dogs in Kasetsart university can only eat, sleep and gain fat because they can’t F no more.

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