little brother is sick

Conversations from Thai class:

(Male teacher limps in)
Female teacher: Are you sick?
(Teacher limps over to male student and hovers over him)
Male teacher: Yes, my little brother is sick. (Little brother is kind of Thai slang for dick.)
Me: Why is little brother sick? Is it because he’s too small?
Female teacher, almost falling off her chair laughing: How did you know?
Me: The other teacher told me.
Male teacher punches me in the shoulder and breathes cigarette breath on me.

The class topic then proceeded to be “I have a digusting foot infection”, which made me long for the days when they talked about happy ending massages and the next class was “we have new markers in the teacher’s office!” (followed by “Do you have any friends?”)

Almost every single topic of this class would be inappropriate in Canada, but it’s never boring.

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