dear lying street vendor on my soi…

I know you’re feeling really clever because I just paid you an extra 10B over the Thai price for satay, and you’re probably laughing right now with your employees about how stupid foreigners are, but let me ask you, which amount is greater:

The 30B (at least) per week you would have made off me if you weren’t obviously a total liar, and I didn’t have to keep myself from eating at your stall on principle even though I love satay because I’ve seen Thai people buy the same thing from you for 30B that you insist on charging me 40B for, which is
30B * 52 weeks = 1560B


the amount you’ve gained from charging me a “foreigner” price, even though I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a year, for the two times I’ve broken down and when I bought your satay anyways, because I just really wanted to eat satay

= 80B

So…who is clever now?

1 Response to “dear lying street vendor on my soi…”

  1. 1 zemetrus March 10, 2009 at 8:47 am

    haha yeah that’s right, after few spins of pantip i just went back to ebay

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