Shanzhai, guerrila hardware hackers of China

Great article at Bunnie Studio on Chinese hardware hackers, who are doing for hardware what mashups did for music.

1 Response to “Shanzhai, guerrila hardware hackers of China”

  1. 1 James Jones November 9, 2009 at 4:18 am

    Shan Zhai is at present the closest mass movement that emulates the viewpoint that innovation should be unfettered by conventional constraints – I’m not necessarily advocating piracy, but once hardware design gathers an open source momentum, the rules will be re-written for design, since there are many similar, but different ways to arrive at the same functionality, and none of them should be exclusively controlled, for if they are a way around them will be found. Here is my project to try to open up Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)

    try this story out for a taste of a different frame of reference:

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