notes about djing

You’ve probably never thought about Nong Khai, Thailand, as a world center of partying and bootie-shaking, but that’s about to change!

I had the chance to DJ in Nong Khai for the first time last weekend, and man, was it ever fun. I’ve always wanted to DJ, because I love dancing and I hate crappy DJs, and also, I see Djing kind of like having sex with a whole bunch of people at the same time, in that you get control how they feel and decide where you’re going to take them. HOT! Except instead of making one person come, you get the satistifaction of making A LOT of people … ok, feel pretty good.

(Some of you might already get that from your sex life, but that’s not the way I roll.)

The evening started out so crap that a dog wandered in, as they tend to do in Thailand, and fell asleep on the dance floor. This was not good for morale. I make so much fun of bad DJs, I thought it would be my karma for sure that no one would show up and I would be left, indignant, to exclaim “people just don’t GET me, man!” and stomp off the dance floor.

However, things turned around with the arrival of a bunch of hot Swedish girls urging to party and get plastered, which anyone will recognize as the crack cocaine of getting a party started.

So here are the things I learned:

1) Test all your equipment before hand. The mixer had a whole bunch of problems, and died at some point and had to be revived, and that sucked.

2) Kind of like sex, you can’t just pound people hard from the get to. You have to start kind of slow and build up and get them into the mood and then they start wanting it harder

2b) Pay attention to signs that people want more, to the escalation of tension. If they want it hard, they’ll get annoyed to get it soft.

3) People like to dance to songs they know because it evokes good memories of other parties they’ve been to.

4) Holy shit, guys really dig DJs. I couldn’t even fucking cue up the next song for guys coming over and trying to chat me up.

At the end, I made a guy almost cry with a song I played for him. I saw the tears glistening in his eyes as the track dropped, the moment was so perfect, it was all so fucking awesome.

2 Responses to “notes about djing”

  1. 1 James March 2, 2009 at 11:57 am

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. One of the most satisfying things you can do, isn’t it? Good luck with it!

  2. 2 julielavoie March 2, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Cool! Thanks! Yeah, it was really awesome!

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