thai government dissolved

The current Thai government has been dissolved by the courts.

There was a busload of soldiers at the ministry of Finance. They were all squatting together on the grass, eating fried rice out of styrofoam containers, their riot gear abandoned on the sidewalk next to them.

In the last coup, people used the tanks and soldiers as scenery to film music videos. Soldiers let pretty girls hold their guns and take pictures with them. The army general had to issue a decree telling people to take the coup more seriously.

What is best and what is worst about Thailand is that it is so human. Life here has a human scale, people touch you, people talk about food, about how good they look, about dating, about their family and each other. At home it seems like everyone wants to talk about vegan footwear, pretentious theories and dog sweaters. But Thailand’s humanity is also what plagues it with corruption and nepotism. In particular, it seems unable to reach an equilibrium between the rich and the poor, which leads to constant political instability. There have been 17 coups in Thailand since it became a democracy.

3 Responses to “thai government dissolved”

  1. 1 keng December 3, 2008 at 12:28 am

    >ok, these are just my theories about what happened
    As a Thai, who possibly understand Thailand more than you do,
    I found you theories is quite incorrect

    The PAD call themselves the People’s Alliance for Democracy, but they are anti-democratic. They want the votes of middle-class and rich Bangkok people to count for more, and the votes of poor farmers in the provinces to count for less (sort of like oldskool Greek “democracy” where only male citizen landowners could vote).

    >Thaksin, the guy they are essentially protesting against, party keeps winning
    >elections by doing stuff that benefits poor farmers, and since Thailand
    >has a majority of poor farmers, in a one-person-one-vote democracy, he is unbeatable.

    If poor people really benefit from Thaksin, there would be no protest since 2005.
    What you said sound like kids benefit from candy given from bad-will adult.

    >Of course, Thaksin was a corrupt guy who stole tons of money from Thailand,
    >but if he used poor people to come into power, he at least did something for
    >then in return, which is more than anyone else ever did/will do for them.
    The King of Thailand has done much more for poor people/farmer, for their
    genuine benefit, not for something in return like Thaksin.

    >You’ll also note that now the economic damage from the PAD airport closures
    >totals higher than the amount Thaksin is accused of having stolen.
    All this mess is the result of Thaksin actions. I believe if Thaksin is dead
    all these current political problems in Thailand will just disappear.
    These problems surely cost more than Airport closing for a week.

    > The same for the police, who were remarkably “ineffective” at clearing out
    > protesters from the airport, protesters who were apparently paid 300-500B/day to protest.
    Police done nothing because the govenment decided to do nothing.
    They just want to stay, no dissolve. The hell with Thai economic, they all already
    rich. Why would they care? If they successfully rewrite the constitution, they would
    be richer, so they decided to just stay.

    At least 5 million baht/day for 6 month? Who could possibly pay for that, Thaksin?

    >So today’s dissolution is a huge blow for democracy in Thailand, a victory
    >for the rich and powerful, and a big step back for working-class people,
    >who form the vast majority of the population. I feel sad about Thailand today.
    I feel sad for Thailand today too, but I feel sorry more for poor people.
    They are fooled by themselve and Thaksin’s politician.

    PS: If poor people really benefit from Thaksin, they should be more wealthy right?
    But they don’t. They have more debt now. (and Nokia cellphone using AIS network.
    Probably they think they rich now.)

    • 2 julielavoie December 7, 2008 at 8:40 pm

      Hi Keng,

      It is certainly true that I don’t know everything about Thailand. But I would like to learn more.

      Where can I get more information on the things that you mention?

  2. 3 keng December 8, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    >Where can I get more information on the things that you mention?
    Some Thai business newspaper/magazine provide another side of story that mass media (free tv or most read newspaper) could not write about. They could not because they do want to have trouble with the big brother Thaksin. The mob against Thaksin actaully started from Sonthi, whose his TV program got kicked out of channal 9, because he reveal the truth against Thaksin, you know?

    I think english news source don’t have the inside

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