bangkok wtf, special homoerotic edition

Seen from the window of my gym:

Two little security guards from Issan (you know the kind that are tiny and always have these uniforms two sizes too big for them), one of them was complaining about his back hurting to the other one. The other one went right behind him, put his arms around his waist and leaned back while lifting him up to crack his back, then proceeded to bounce the first guy’s ass against his crotch a few extra times to try to crack it.

This was all completely innocent and health-related, but you would NEVER see two straight guys in Canada do this.

Sometimes I see some of tough, working-class motorcycle taxi drivers guys on my soi giving each other little shoulder massages in the morning. I’m not kidding!

Going to the gym in Bangkok is pretty much indistinguishable from going to the gay bar at the best of times, except maybe that you can drink and smoke while exercising at the gay bar, but tonight’s dance class cranked it up from “silom soi 2” to full on “gay pride parade during Rio carnival” mode. The instructor taught moves such as “twink butt wiggle” and “really exhuberant twink butt wiggle” to a crowd of Thai housewives, possibly straight b-boys and 2 farang girls.

“Do you understand Thai?”, I asked the other farang girl. “No”, she answered, “but I’m not sure in this case it would help.”

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