should I still visit Thailand with the protests?

Many countries are issuing now travel advisories about Thailand for their citizens, telling them to avoid travelling here.

It might not be the best time to visit, since airports keep closing and re-opening, trains striking and starting work again, power cuts threatened and then not carried out — it’s kind of a mess. But dangerous?

One thing to keep in perspective about this part of the world is that almost everything that people freak out about: malaria, sars, dengue fever, bombs, floods, avian flu, terrorism, etc, etc, is a pretty trivial risk when you compare it to the dangers of driving around on Thailand roads.

If you can postpone your trip, it might be better, but if you have to come now, I would expect some inconvenience, but I wouldn’t feel unsafe. Life goes on as usual for most people in Bangkok.

The one thing I would avoid is staying near Kao San Road in Bangkok, in the Bamglampoo area, as that is very close to the protests.

1 Response to “should I still visit Thailand with the protests?”

  1. 1 abhichart September 3, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    Yeah you are right! Life goes on as usual for most people in Bangkok( as you can see in 2006 coup). Nothing to worry about! I’m Bangkokian and never had difficulty during protest.

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