pictures of vientiane, after the flood

In Vientiane, the floods have receded for now. It does seem to rain hard every day so that’s still a bit worrisome.

The bars by the side of the Mekong have re-opened. PXO, a popular motorbike rental place, told me that water didn’t go into their shop, though it went above the shoreline. At Vayakorn hotel in the main tourist district, they said the water never reached them. There is flotsam and jetsam everywhere, and a big wall of sandbags remains next to the river, which, as you’d expect from SEA, has been converted into a place to sit and for kids to play.

The side of the river, along with the road is lined with a wall of sandbags:

Giant tree washed up during the flood. Look at how big it is! It makes me a bit sad, actually, because it was surely logged: there are axe marks on the trunk, and there is a big chain running through it: (As usual, every time you want to take a picture of something, there is already a Japanese tourist taking a picture of it. Seriously, Reuters should hire these guys)

A bunch of wood, I don’t know if it washed up or was there to supplement the wall?

Kind of apropos, here is a beautiful local statue of the Mother of the Waters, wringing out her hair.

2 Responses to “pictures of vientiane, after the flood”

  1. 1 Daniel Haran August 26, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Whoa, that’s one BIG tree! Do you know what type?

  2. 2 julielavoie August 30, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    I have no idea. They log a lot of teak in this part of the world, but I don’t know what this particular tree is.

    stay tuned, i have some more pictures of the tree to post once i get settled back in.

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