the lotus, it’s not just for tesco

Last night in Thai class we talked about the lotus, and its importance to Thai society.

When it rains a little, Thai farmers plant rice, but when there is too much water, the rice cannot live, so they plant lotus, which can live in a lot of water. This is an agricultural version of hedging your investment portfolio. 😛

The wai is like making a lotus bud with your hand.

I’m always surprised at how much the teachers manage to explain with our limited grasp of Thai. They talked about how the different stages of the lotus plant are like the different stages of enlightenment according to Buddhism.

The best part is that the teachers always joke around a lot and make fun of each other. They told us that in old times, one thing Thai girls and boys would do when they liked each other, is that the guy would row a boat for the girl while she picked flowers on the river. Back then, guys didn’t wear shirts, so it was a good way to show off how buff he was.

Then they showed us how to eat lotus seeds and hit each other (a lot) with the lotus plants.

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