“sushi, hookers and golf”, Bangkok WTF? special Japanese edition

Today I went walking in Phrom Pong neighborhood, which is a neighborhood of Bangkok with many Japanese expats. Strangely, it has the best true French-style bread in Bangkok (at Custard Nakamura, go early they sell out), and is also my connection for the genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice) tea that I drink everyday.

If geography is destiny, then judging by the composition of Japanese neighborhoods in Bangkok, what Japanese expats want is:

1) Japanese food
2) golf
3) hookers

Soi Thaniya is entirely composed of this holy triumvirate, and Phrom Pong has all three, plus karaoke bars, which probably also involve hookers. They even sell golf supplies at Fuji supermarket!

Then I had coffee at Fuji, which between the taste of the coffee and the chain smoking old Japanese guys sitting out in front, feels exactly like having coffee in Tokyo. It’s in front of Fuji supermarket, and you can watch Japanese families frantically doing their weekly shopping.

There were three Japanese people in full judo uniforms inside the grocery store.

I stumbled onto a giant family of rats on Sukumvit rooting through the garbage. This is actually pretty rare in Bangkok, at least in the daytime.

I went to my favorite used bookstore. There was an old farang expat guy complaining loudly inside — of a type instantly recognizable to anyone who lives here — those bitter and fussy old fossils who seem to spend every living hour in Thailand complaining about Thailand but linger on here for years, probably because the Third World is the only place they can get laid.

Then I had sushi, but no hookers and no golf.

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