Barcamp Bangkok 2008 a huge success!

geeks this way
We did it! We pulled it off!

Over 200 geeks attended Barcamp Bangkok, Thailand’s first ever Barcamp!

I was amazed at the level of interest people showed in Barcamp. Generous sponsorships allowed us to rent out a whole restaurant, have big delicious lunch buffet for everyone, free t-shirts, and even to buy dinner for the last stragglers afterwards! We even had valet parking, quite swank for a Barcamp!

So many people came, and they were so happy and excited and gung-ho about Barcamp! We had all kinds of talks, with topics like Drupal, Ruby, the Thai software industry, Ubuntu, and internationalization. I found out too late there was a talk on the adult video release cycle, which I would have loved to attend! We had three different rooms and they were always full of geeks learning, talking, asking questions. So many people took pictures and made videos.

(a bunch of really cute) barcampers!

It’s amazing to be part of an event like this, both as an organizer and a participant.

The best part was all the cool people I met: young expat technology entrepreneurs, cool Thai programmers, artists and university students. There was one other foreign girl, and we totally hit it off!

I see Barcamp as the beginning of a thriving technology scene in Bangkok. So many people said they were looking for something like this for a long time: students wanting to know where to get jobs, companies wanting to know where to find good people, and geeks just generally wanting to learn about cool things.I’ll have more to write about that soon, as well as some other interesting issues raised in discussions.In the meantime, a great thanks to everyone who made Barcamp Bangkok as awesome as it was: everyone who attended and volunteered, all my fantastic fellow organizers, and our very generous sponsors.

More pictures from Barcamp: (check out my Flickr page for all of them)



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