Bangkok WTF?!, a pictorama

Bangkok is great in its sheer WTF-ness. From the past few days:

Stray dogs in the bank machine:

the dogs of finance, originally uploaded by elliptic curve
The only thing that makes your financial transactions feel less serious than stray dogs in the bank machine is a crackhead smoking crack in the bank machine, as once happened to me in Montreal. He hit me up for change as I left. Hopes springs eternals — it was pretty obvious what he was going to spend it on.
In Bangkok sometimes stray dogs fall asleep in the doorway of the 7-11, and you have to step over them to go buy your bottled water and mobile phone top-up cards.

Altar in front of a brothel on my street:

altar in front of brothel

As I mentioned before, my street is lined with brothels. All the karaoke bars (brothels, really) are putting up giant balloon garlands for the New Year, so I was finally able to snap a pick of the altar under the guise of taking a picture of the giant balloons.

Hello Kitty Fashion Victim (from a window display in Siam Square)

hellokitty fashionvictim

Siam Square is where all the Thai scenesters buy their clothes. They haven’t yet discovered putting sweaters on tiny dogs and using them as fashion accessories like the scenesters back home (Plateau Mont-Royal represent!), but I think it’s just a matter of time.

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