no booze in BKK, Thai pre-elections this weekend

losing face, originally uploaded by elliptic curve.


I hope you’ve stocked up on booze, because there are no alcohol sales in Thailand this weekend! The pre-elections are this weekend, with the “real” elections next weekend on Dec 23rd, and no one is allowed to sell alcohol, presumably to prevent drunks from voting.

We might have kicked out the last elected prime minister in last year’s coup, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still care about democracy.

The junta was only “taking care” of the country until Dec 23rd, when new elections could happen and democracy could be restored. Pre-elections are happening this weekend, for people who can’t go back to their home district to vote, which is probably half of Bangkok.

(Pictures from the Bangok polls under the cut)

These pictures were taken at some kind of voting station close to Ari. There were police/guards at the entrance — I asked them politely if I could take pictures inside, and they said no problem. They seemed awfully nice for the lackeys of a fascist regime. Maybe they were just security guards?
voters at Bangkok pre-elections

election poster from Thai pre-elections

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